Invited Speakers

Louw Claassens
Programme Director
Knysna Basin Project, South Africa
"Turning the tide on syngnathid conservation and research in southern Africa"

Sarah Flanagan
Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
"Genomic data reveals the role of selection in the evolution of sex-role reversed pipefish"

Healy Hamilton
Chief Scientist
NatureServe, USA
"The taxonomic and evolutionary diversity of Syngnathid fishes"

Dave Harasti
Senior Marine Scientist, Fisheries Research
New South Wales Department of Industries | Fisheries, Australia
"Lose the habitats = lose the seahorses"

Olivia Roth
Research Group Leader
GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Germany
"Evolution of male pregnancy and remodelling of vertebrate adaptive immunity"

Xiong Zhang
Postdoctoral Fellow | Ocean Leaders Program
The University of British Columbia, Canada
"Advancing conservation for seahorses in the Age of Big Data"