Invited Speakers

Paula B. Carlson
Director of Husbandry
The Dallas World Aquarium, USA
 “Syngnathids in Public Aquariums- Husbandry Perspectives and Conservation Opportunities”

Sarah J. Foster
Program Manager, Project Seahorse
Research Associate, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries
The University of British Columbia, Canada
"Turning national commitments into conservation action for seahorses"

Adam Lim
Research Associate, Institute of Ocean and Earth Science
University of Malaya, Malaysia  
"Acoustic signatures and sound producing mechanisms in syngnathid fishes"

Kenyon Mobley
Department of Ecology and Evolution
University of Lausanne, Switzerland
“Sexual selection and the evolution of female ornamentation in pipefishes”

Richard Smith
Ocean Realm Images
Marine Biologist | Underwater Photographer | Writer | Expedition Leader
“Seahorses and Beyond”

Atsushi Sogabe
Department of Biology, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science
Hirosaki University, Japan
“Physiological bases of mating systems in Syngnathidae”